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Copotronic Enterprise resource planning


CopotronicERP is a comprehensive ERP solution designed and developed specifically for the Garments & related manufacturing Industry.

CopotronicERP is designed to be operated either as a stand-alone management information system suitable for manufacturing and distribution in both make-to-order and make-to-stock environments or, as part of an overall vertical manufacturing operation. However, each of the major components may be installed individually allowing each company, whether small, medium or large, flexibility when satisfying the business requirements.

CopotronicERP is designed and is being developed continuously by garments, textile & related industry specialists. To keep up to-date in this world of ever changing requirements it should be re-assuring to know that CopotronicERP is there to support you in terms of both functionality and technology.

CopotronicERP is a mature product that incorporates the latest software techniques. CopotronicERP therefore provides rich functionality and yet is a robust software product, with a proven track record of successful installations of its different modules in many factories in Dhaka and Chittagong..


CopotronicERP Overview


 The CopotronicERP modules;



  • Merchandising Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Electronic Time & Attendance
  • Integrated Payroll Management
  • Production Monitoring System
  • Financial Accounting

Copotronic ERP - System Overview


Merchandising Management


  • Buyer details
  • Order details
  • Supplier details
  • Sample details
  • Specification details
  • Cost sheet preparation
  • Material check list/BOM
  • P/I Issue to supplier
  • Time & action calendar
  • Shipment

Purchase & L/C Management


  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Quality & Stock Update
  • Import L/C for Accessories
  • Import L/C for Fabrics
  • Import L/C for Machine parts
  • Export L/C
  • L/C status monitoring
  • Vessel Monitoring
  • Shipment schedule

Store & Distribution Management


  • Stores Requisition < Inward/Outward >
  • Goods Receipt
  • Stores Issues
  • Opening Stock Update
  • Stock Management
  • Machine Parts Stock Management
  • Stock Position of Raw Materials, Fabric and Machine Parts
  • Automatically Weighted Average Rate Calculation
  • Stock Adjustment & Transfer
  • Stock Audit

Production Monitoring System


  • Hour basis production input for Cutting
  • Hour basis production input for Sewing
  • Hour basis production input for Quality
  • Hour basis production input for Finishing
  • Dashboard to Process Monitoring
  • Dashboard for Fabric Status
  • Online MIS reporting

Human Resource Management


  • Employee Management
  • BGMEA Service Book Management
  • Increment Management
  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Comprehensive leave management
  • Provident/welfare fund
  • Recruitment
  • Job entitlements
  • Joining/resigning etc.
  • Customizable leave facilities
  • Auto Leave Adjustment
  • Leave Allocation Tracking
  • Employees Holiday Information
  • Printing ID cards with a card design wizard.
  • Meal Process (facility to automate capturing of Meals)

Electronic Time & Attendance Management


  • Attendance Calculation
  • Buyer Compliance
  • Maintenance of Shifts
  • Roster Scheduling
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Auto and Manual OT authorization.
  • Advanced Shift and Roster scheduling
  • Auto midnight cross over calculations
  • Can be linked to any external Payroll System
  • Magnetic / Proximity / Biometric Scan support
  • Lots of standard Time Management reports.
  • Manual adjustments

Integrated Payroll Management


  • Employees Payment Information
  • Employees Tax information
  • Arrears calculations
  • Employees Disciplinary Action Information
  • Employees Leave encashment process
  • Multiple Bank support with account numbers
  • Auto Attendance Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Auto Late Treatment / Late Deductions
  • Bonus payments.
  • Multiple processing facility
  • Final Settlement Information
  • Processing for single Employee / Section / Department
  • Full featured employee wise salary sheet
  • Pay slip both in English and Bengali language.
  • Supplementary Management
  • Gratuity Management
  • Arrear Management
  • Attendance Bonus calculation
  • Allowances entry
  • Deduction management etc.

Financial Accounting


  • Cash Account
  • Bank Account
  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • General Ledger
  • Group Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Costing
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet

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