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Copotronic Personnel Management Suite


Copotronic Personnel Management Suite is an advance Employee Management Solution. The product is designed after an extensive R & D to suite any type of local working environment. Personnel Management is a complete Software suite includes 2 different modules that can integrate or can be used as separate solutions.

Copotronic HRM

(Complete Human Resource Management Solution)

Copotronic Time Tracker

(Electronic Time and Attendance Solution)

Copotronic Salary Analyzer

(Integrated Payroll Solution)


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The latest modules provide you a unique solution, which helps the factory employees to access their personal information through a proximity/barcode/biometric system and to do the co-ordination with the personnel division without the help of a personnel assistant.

Copotronic Development Team has spent countless hours to improve the software and our latest module has designed on ORACLE to make your operations more efficient, reliable and flexible.

Within a short period of time Copotronic Personnel Management Suite are able to make their own market with its confidence and the system is used in most of the leading organizations of Bangladesh.


Copotronic HRM

(Complete Human Resource Management Solution)


CopotronicHRM offers a flexible and easy to use solution for small, medium & especially large sized companies. By providing modules for personnel information management, employee self-service, leave, benefits and recruitment companies are able to manage the crucial organization asset – people. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.

CopotronicHRM covers the most of areas of human resource management like.


  • Employee Management
  • Increment Management
  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Comprehensive leave management
  • Provident/welfare fund
  • Recruitment
  • Job entitlements
  • Joining
  • Addresses
  • Training
  • Course information
  • Job history
  • resigning etc.
  • Customizable leave facilities
  • Auto Leave Adjustmen
  • Leave Allocation Tracking
  • Employees Holiday Information
  • Printing ID cards with a card design wizard.
  • Meal Process (facility to automate capturing of Meals)

Copotronic Time Tracker

(Electronic Time and Attendance Solution)


Copotronic Time Tracker is a full-featured advanced time tracking and scheduling software. It contains all the necessary features/options to run a complex Time Management System by keeping timely attendance of employees.

The System recovers all the facilities are given below:

  • Attendance Calculation
  • Buyer Compliance
  • Maintenance of Shifts
  • Roster Scheduling
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Auto and Manual OT authorization.
  • Advanced Shift and Roster scheduling
  • Auto midnight cross over calculations
  • Can be linked to any external Payroll System
  • Magnetic / Proximity Scan support
  • Lots of standard Time Management reports.
  • Employee Information
  • Manual adjustments
  • OT deduction
  • Reports

And all other important areas of a Time & Employee Management Operation. This system can be linked to external Payroll or Copotronic Salary Analyzer Software to prepare salary based on accurate attendance information.

Copotronic Time Tracker can be used in any corporate environment including offices, manufacturing factories, service organization or any other small to large-scale organization.

Copotronic Salary Analyzer

(Integrated Payroll Solution)


Copotronic Salary Analyzer is a full-featured Payroll administration system. Once the Salary Analyzer is integrated to Time Tracker there will be no need of manual work involved as the month end information such as:

Overtime details

Work details

No pay details

Absent details

It will be imported to Salary with one step operation. Salary Analyzer comes with all the essential features required for Payroll computation.

  • Employees Payment Information
  • Employees Tax information
  • Arrears calculations.
  • Employees Disciplinary Action Information
  • Employees Leave encashment process.
  • Multiple Bank support with account numbers
  • Auto Attendance Allowance / Travel Allowance
  • Auto Late Treatment / Late Deductions
  • Bonus payments.
  • Multiple processing facility
  • Final Settlement Information
  • Processing for single Employee / Section / Department
  • Full featured employee wise salary sheet
  • Pay slip both in English and Bengali language.
  • Supplementary Management
  • Gratuity Management
  • Arrear Management etc.

HR, Time Tracker & Salary Analyzer Report List:


  • Company Details Report
  • Department Details Report
  • Section Details Report
  • Floor Details Report
  • Employee Type Details Report
  • Designation Details Report
  • Shift Details Report
  • Leave Details Report
  • Employee Details Report
  • Service Age Report
  • Unit wise Daily Attendance Summary Report
  • Section wise Daily Attendance Summary Report
  • Floor wise Daily Attendance Summary Report
  • Line wise Daily Attendance Summary Report
  • Gender wise Daily Attendance Summary Report
  • Daily Attendance Matrix Summary
  • Daily Attendance Details Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Daily Early Leave Report
  • Daily Late Attendance Report
  • Summarized Attendance Report
  • Monthly Individual Attendance with OT
  • Monthly Joining Report
  • Monthly Resigned Report
  • Monthly Termination Report
  • New Card Check List
  • Eid Bonus Sheet Report
  • Monthly Salary Bill Report
  • Pay slip for Individual Month (English)
  • Pay slip for Individual Month (Bengali)
  • Many more…

Information covered in Human Resource Management


  • Unit Code Setup
  • Department Setup
  • Section or Line Code Setup
  • Designation Code Setup
  • Grade Code Setup
  • Employee Type Code Setup
  • Religion Code Setup
  • Nation Code Setup
  • Education Code Setup
  • Employees General Information
  • Employees Official Information
  • Employees Educational Qualification Information
  • Employees Short courses conducted Information
  • Employees Experience history
  • Employees Training history
  • Employees Family Dependents Information

Information covered in Time Tracking & Attendance Management


  • Shift Code Setup
  • Shift Allocation Information
  • Leave Information
  • Leave Allocation/Assignment
  • Leave Adjustment
  • Calendar Setup
  • Employees Holiday Information
  • Attendance Information
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Late Treatment
  • OT Information
  • OT Assignment

Information covered in Salary Management


  • Employees Payment Information
  • Employees Tax information
  • Employees Disciplinary Action Information
  • Employees Treatment Bill
  • Employees Allowance Information (Special allow, shifting allow, etc.)
  • Employees Loan and adjustment Information
  • Final Settlement Information
  • Salary Adjustment Information
  • Employees Bonus Information (through process)
  • Employees Leave encashment process



  • Monthly Attendance process.
  • Monthly Salary Process
  • Bonus Process
  • Yearly Leave Process
  • Increment posting process

General Reports


  • Employee List Information
  • Employee Leave Information
  • Employee Increment Information
  • Salary Sheet
  • Pay Slip
  • Salary Summary
  • Salary Advance / Loan Position
  • Employee Bonus Information
  • Fixation Sheet
  • Dropout List
  • Joining List
  • Employee Overtime Information
  • Statement of Service Confirmation.
  • Retirement Info. -Date Wise
  • Retirement Info. - Designation Wise
  • Increment Information 
  • Department Wise Annual Increment Information
  • Increment Information (Date Wise)
  • Not Executed Increment Information 
  • Disciplinary Action -Date Wise
  • Leave Information
  • Earned Leave (each employee)
  • Leave Statement
  • Detailed Leave Information 

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