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Copotronic InfoSystems Limited

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About Copotronic


Copotronic InfoSystems has established in 1996 as a partnership IT company in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh with the effort of a university student. Initially the company worked for providing computer training & selling of computer, hardware and network solutions. From 1996 to 2000 Copotronic gained more than 30,000 computers selling experience along with a huge number of customers in private, Govt., organizations.


Partnership with Govt.

Copotronic became a private limited company in June, 2001 and expanded its activities in more in software development track & IT enabled services. Copotronic has a working experience in ICT market for of more than 16 years. Now a day the core business of the company is software development, ITES, ICT based solution providing & ICT training for large industries & educational institutes and from its offices both in Dhaka & Chittagong.


For the outstanding performance Copotronic become a Private-Govt. joint partnership software company having Government investment & participation in management. Copotronic is a 51:49 partnership software company with Govt. with a paid up capital 42 million.


HR development for Outsourcing:

Copotronic is the authorized center for “Skill Enhancement Program” of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority to provide IT and outsourcing training to graduates under ICT ministry to build ICT enabled human resources for business process outsourcing.


Copotronic also authorized company for “Employee Incentive Program” of Hi-Tech Park under ICT ministry to train and provide employment to the graduate students. Upto now Copotronic trained and provided employment of 65 persons under the project.


Copotronic’s Managing Director has successfully completed “Advance Management Course” from University of Hong Kong under the “C Level Training Program” of Bangladesh HI-Tech Park authority and now also working as a resource person of Hi-Tech Park authority to conduct C-Level training to the C-level executives working in IT/ITES industries. Upton now trained more than 70 C-Level executives of the country.


Copotronic has already successfully completed training of 200 students in IT/ITES course under “Learning and Earning Development Project” of Ministry of ICT.


Copotronic is a ISO 9001-2008 certified company for Quality Management system under the “Company Certifications Program” of Support to development of Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park development project.

Copotronic is now ready to provide any sorts of outsourcing service of international market. 


Education Automation of Govt.

Copotronic is authorized technical partner of Dhaka, Chittagong and Comilla education boards under “e-Service” project of Ministry of Education. Copotroinic has developed “Education Board Management software” solution and providing all sorts online services, web portal, dedicated server hosting for education boards. Copotronic is serving around 4000 education institutes for managing public examination system online and served 60 million students & teachers by several online services.



Copotronic has also developed and providing ERP software solutions for Small/Medium and Large industries. Copotronic provides Human resource management, POS, production management, financial management, supply chain management, commercial management etc. More than 100 of most reputed industries in Bangladesh are using Copotronic’s software solutions.


eAttendance Device Manufacturing:

For the first time in Bangladesh Copotronic has developed Online Attendance Device with online attendance software for all sorts of organization. It is RFID and Biometric device along with Wifi connectivity which can use all over the world for taking online attendance.


eLearning Systems:

Copotronic has developed “Digital Education Management System” for education institutes worldwide. By using the system any institute can be turned digital and all necessary information i.e. students, teachers, staff, attendance, results, payment, fees, accounts, library, inventory etc. will be completely automated. Around hundreds of educational institutes including Govt. colleges, schools, medical college, university, private schools, colleges are using Copotronic’s eLearning Systems.


Web development & Hosting:

Copotronic is a leading web development & hosting service providing company. Thousands of Govt., private organizations is using several Web applications, e-Commerce, ePayment gateway and Hosting service.

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